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An unique and relaxing experience of sensations.
Zensation has a full range of massages, choose the one that bests addapts to you.

Shoulder and neck massage

For general relief of neck and shoulder accumulated stress

Back, neck and head massagem

For general relief of aches and pains. Excellent to relax.

Flash Relax Massage

Back, head, neck, shoulder, arms and hand massage - for relaxation and general relief.

Legs and Foot massage

Revitalizes your body and fights fatigue. F​ortify and tone up your legs. It's excellent to treat poor circulation and cramps.
Zensation Massagem Relaxante
Zensation Massagem Corpo Completo

Foot massage

Revigorizing and Relaxing massage, for the well beeing of your feet, ideal for a quick relaxment for whom has sore feet.

Full Body Massage

A whole body massage, with a relaxing feeling, both body and mind.

Candle Massage

Relaxing full body massage with special wax candles, that hydrates your skin. An unique and pleasant experience of all senses.

Baby/Kid Massage:

Smoth and relaxed massage for babys and kids of any age. Parents can assist.

Pregnancy Body Massage

This massage is addapted to the needs of each woman, in a comfortable position, ideal for general reliefs, and common pregnancy discomforts (swelling, pain. anxiety). Body & Mind Relaxation.
Massagem profunda aos músculos. Alívio para músculos tensos e cronicamente doridos, problemas posturais, esforços repetitivos ou recuperação de uma lesão. Após a massagem é comum sensibilidade 1 ou 2 dias após a mesma.
Zensation Massagem para Bebés
Zensation Massagem Linfática

Foot Reflexology

Because the feet reflect the whole body, with pressure on specific pressure points can correct health inbalances, improve your general well-being and strengthen your immune system. Relaxes the whole body.

Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage. Relief of chronically tense and sore muscles and problems with posture, After the massage it is common to have sensitive muscles for 1-2 days.

Lymphatic Drainage

It's a specific soft and slow massage that simulates the lymph system. It treats situations after operations, reduces swelling, clears the body of toxins and eliminates fluids helping you to get slim succesfully. Prevents and alleviates migraine, sinusitis and hay fever.

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An unique and relaxing experience of sensations. Zensation has a full range of massages, choose the one that bests addapts to you.

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